What is the best cold press juicer

This is a seemingly deceptive question. On surface, it looks like a question with a straight forward answer but the truth is not as simple. The term ‘best’ has various dimensions. Does it mean best for home or best for a juicing bar. Is it best for money or best cold press juicer under $500? Unless the question becomes more refine, answering it is almost impossible. As such, I attempt to recommend the ‘best’ option under the different context that I can think of. If you can’t find you answer here, why not leave a comment and I will get back to you.

What is the best cold press juicer


Best commercial cold press juicer

Hands down, it has to be the angel cold press juicer. It has an excellent built, an industry leading extraction rate and a resulting juice that taste fantastic. Price wise, it is always one of the most expensive but you get what you pay for. If you want more information on the best cold press juicer for commercial use, check out my angle cold press juicer review.


Best affordable cold press juicer

If you are buying a cold press juicer for home, you probably want one that isn’t too expensive. If that is the case, look for single gear rather than twin gear juicers. (Read the article single gear vs twin gear juicer if you don’t know the difference). The cheapest I can find is the Lifespring juicer which costs under $500. 399+ to be exact. It is a lovely juicer with good extraction rate and easy to clean components. Here is my lifespring cold press juicer review if you need more info.


Best cold press juicer under $200

Sorry to disappoint you but no such machine exist. The cheapest juicer is the lifespring which I have already recommended above. It costs under $400 but no way you can get it under $200 unless you buy a second hand or used model. Alternatively, you can buy a non cold press juicer but the result will obviously be different.


Best cold press juicer for leafy greens

Finally, if you want a juicer that can take care of your leafy greens, all the models I have recommended in my top rated cold press juicer article can get the job done.  Depending on what are your other buying factors such as price and usage, you can easily pick one of them by reading the article that I have linked to.

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