What Is a Cold Press Juicer?

Today, most people are endeavoring to find out the best options to apply for taking their focus on health awareness to a new level altogether.  They are even revisiting the lifestyle of our ancestors of the Paleolithic Stone Age to eke out the secrets that gave them strength durability and longevity millions of years ago. The recent advent of the Paleo diets is a clear sign of how much a human being is willing to adapt, to keep good health and live long.

As with different diets, drinking fresh juices is another great way of improving our health.  The new age cold press juices are fast overtaking the conventional fast blade rotating juices with great promises of  enhancing your body’s immunity, helping in rapid weight loss, helping to cleanse your body systems to remove the harmful toxins inside and even going as far as to prevent cancer. These promises are too important to ignore even for the most ardent food aficionado. If we are not thinking about an all-juice system cleansing activity, deciding on the best juicer is a matter that concerns your total well-being and long life.  Remember that no small stone should you leave unturned in your search for better health. If you are now on the threshold of deciding on whether you will go in for the conventional fast rotating blade juicer or the cold press juicer, by all means, even if it may cost you dearer, do select the latter if health is your first criterion.

what is a cold press juicer


Advantages of Cold Press Juicer

You can see the advantages of the cold press juicer in comparison with the fast blade juicer.  You can read some of the major advantages of this type of cold press juicer over the fast blade juicer below.

  • ·The centrifugal juicers, mostly electric,  run at around 30,000 RPM, generate heat during the process and effectively destroy the quality of nutrient intake into our system by inducing oxidation of the food.  On the other hand, the heat generated by the cold press juicer is relatively less and has a negative impact on the oxidation process, thus rendering the food safe for consumption.


  • ·Centrifugal juicers have served homemakers for a long time and are by far cheaper than their cold press competitors are and you can easily access one from any retail store or supermarket.  However, you would find it interesting to note that the blades rotating at high speed not only shred the fruits /vegetables into minute particles but also provide the compression to push these particles through filters to a receiver and allow the pulp to attach itself to the inner container surfaces of the juicer.  You will also notice a separation of the waste from the juice that goes into a dedicated container. However, in the cold press juicer, it is a squeezing and crushing motion induced by the augers that rotate only at 75-165 RPM and generates very low heat that does not cause nutritional loss to the juice or account for any loss of valuable enzymes.






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