Top 5 rated cold press juicers for 2014

Whether you are a hardcore juicer lover or a juicer bar owner looking for a good cold press machine, you can read this guide to see what are my top 5 picks for cold press juicers for 2014. Most of them have already received a more detail review by me, which you can click on to read for more information.

Updated: 30th Sept 2014

Special mention: Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

omega cold press juicer

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After posting this article, I have received numerous recommendations on trying this omega juicer which wasn’t branded as a cold press juicer but works very well.  Looking through the Amazon reviews, it seems that they are right as plenty of customers have left very solid reviews on the performance of this juicer. They commented that it works especially great for juicing vegetables as it possess a high extraction rate when handling them.  What is even better is its affordability. So, for a good price and a solid product, you might want to consider this Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer.

Updated: 11th March 2015: Check out the new article on best cold press juicers for 2015!


1. Angel cold press juicer

angel cold press juicer

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I don’t call it the Ferrari of cold press juicer for nothing. Among the premium cold press juicers, angel stood out as one of the best built machine that money can buy. It has the best extraction rate with its twin gear step up and its built quality comprise stainless steel.

Read my detailed review here.


#2: Kempo juicer

kempo pres juicer

Kempo is one of the most affordable twin gear cold press juicer you can buy. Its build quality is not as high as Angel but the twin gear system should offer a better extraction rate than single gear. Another advantage of Kempo is that it is super easy to clean due to the way the pulp is being pushed out of the juicer during the extraction process.

Read the full review here.


#3: Lexsun cold press juicer

lexsun cold press juicer

Lexsun is a comparably product to Lifespring. Its main differentiation is that it can handle a wider range of ingredients and functions since it is a six in one product. However, it does not offer the best extraction relative to Lifespring, although its rate is still one of the highest for single gear juicer.  Price wise, it is about $100 more expensive than Lifespring. Get this if you are looking for a multi function appliance.


4. Lifespring cold press juicer

Lifespring press juicer review

One of the cheapest cold press juicer you can find on the market. Cheap fortunately does not imply low quality. This affordable juicer is perfect for the home as it is easy to use and clean, has a low noise level and can handle pretty much every kind of ingredients ranging from fruits to vegetables. Its extraction is about 65% lower than angel but for the price, it can’t be beat.

Read the full review here.


#5: Hurom 400 juicer

Hurom 400 cold press juicer review

Hurom 400 juicer is one of the latest model being introduced into the market. It is a significant improvement over the previous model but the extraction rate is slightly below that of the Lexsun and definitely way below the Angel press juicer. The built quality is reasonable but it doesn’t make pasta or grind coffee beans.

Read the full review here.

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