Starting a mobile juice bar part 3 – developing unique recipes for juice bar

In this world where we have too much of everything, it is critical that you have something for customers to remember you by. We have previously talk about how to make money with a juice bar and how to market it. However, if you manage to get customers into the door and they don’t return, it is going to a wasted effort on your part.  In this article, we are going to take about creating a unique value proposition for your customers to remember you by.

Starting a mobile juice bar part 3


Focus on one super unique juicing recipe

The easiest way to get people to remember and talk about your mobile juice bar is to have one unique recipe that is different from the normal favors but tastes such as good. I remember this personal experience that is a good example of what I mean. There was this fruit juice stall that I have visited in Singapore. It had the usual selection of water melon, apple, orange fruit juice etc. However, what stood out was their avocado fruit juice. It was something that attracted my attention. Heck, they even name their stall Mr Avocado to enforce this point.

I decided to give it a try. After a slip, I became an immediate fan. Soon, I returned just for the avocado fruit juice and also recommended my friends to try it. This is something you need to accomplish for your mobile juice bar. Don’t focus on something that everyone already tried before. Focus on a unique favor and have it as your branding.

  • It can be a unique fruit like avocado that is not common
  • It can be a unique combination such as bacon + fruit. For your information, bacon ice cream sundae is now one of the hottest selling item on Burger King’s menu
  • It can be the addition of special toppings such as sago pearls. Don’t underestimate this topping. It is what created the bubble tea craze in Asia.
  • It can focus on serving particular groups such as the health conscious group by having non sugar juices.

Whatever your idea is, it must be unique and create talking points between friends. If you cannot imagine one person talking to another about your unique creation, then choose another one.


Creating a brand

Once you have decided on a unique recipe, use that as your brand. Remember how that fruit stall used Mr Avocado as its name? This immediately creates a unique branding that helps customers to recall your brand. When choosing a name, here are some rules you must remember:

  • Short
  • Meant something related to your business
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to rank well in Google because customers will want to search for you. If you choose something too generic, your website will probably not appear on the first page of the search result page
  • Easy to prounce

Using the above, be careful in coming up with naming ideas for your juice bar.


Decorating your mobile juice bar

Once you have identified your business identity, remember to use it on your mobile juice bar decor. People must see it and remember what the design stood for. Back to the Mr Avocado example. The fruit juice stall created a Avocado mascot and use that on their stall front so customers can remember it. You must do the same for your truck.

Color scheme is important. Certain colors convey certain emotions. Don’t pick colors such as red when you are going for the health conscious group. Similarly, don’t choose a color that is different from the color of your unique juice recipe.


Through the above, you will then have a chance to create a mobile juice bar that has a chance of repeated sales and gaining word of mouth.

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