Single gear vs twin gear juicer

One of the more commonly used question concerns the gear system in cold press juicer. Specifically, what is the difference between single and twin gear juicer? I thought I would answer this question once and for all by showing you guys how the two look like and how are they different in terms of function.

Visual difference between single and twin gear juicer

First off, it is good to see how do they look before understanding why are they different.

single vs twin gear juicer 1

How single and twin gear works

A single gear works almost like a drill. The head will cut into the ingredient and start grinding them like how a drill would perform. A twin gear is more like a crusher whereby the ingredient will be dropped between the 2 rollers, which would then proceed to remove the skin and extract the juice.

Due to the above, you can see why a twin gear system offers more precision in terms of juice extraction. The more high end juicer would typically have a delicate twin gear that works in unison to get the most out of each ingredient. Single gear is more direct and hence causes more wastage.



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