Opening a cold press juice bar business – 9 essential tips

Cold pressed juice mania is sweeping across America. Recently, I have read news that Juice Press is opening 5 more new stores to add to is existing 14. That is a fast expansion rate for something that is so new. Let’s say you want to get into the game and open your own cold press juice bar, what are the things you need? Here are 9 essential tips that will be helpful before venturing into your own juice bar business.

cold press juice bar business


#1: Location is everything

Having a good location help to increase the visibility of your business via foot traffic. If you design your storefront attractively, there will be customers walking in without too much additional marketing on your part. The downside is the cost as most good locations comes with a pretty high rental tag. If you want to avoid paying the high rental, then the following tips are essential to make up for the interior location.


#2: Marketing marketing marketing

Most business owners make the business of focusing on only the product quality when it is the marketing that will get your product into the hands your potential customers. If you have a non ideal location, then marketing is even more essential. Due to online, there are lots of cheap marketing channels available. In fact, I would encourage business owners to form a social group of potential customers around your future location. In this way, you are already doing the marketing without having to open the business first. Get people excited before you launch so that your revenue comes in faster when your juicer bar eventually opens.


#3: Consider a food truck model

Rather than a non mobile location, you can consider using a food truck that tweets its location as it moves around the neighborhood.  This is a much cheaper business model that use modern social media tools like Twitter for communicating with customers.


#4: Come up with a few unique cold press juice recipes

To stand out from the competition, you need a couple of unique recipes that are hopefully different from what other bars have. You then have to market the hell out of these recipes so that customers will think of when they think of this particular favor.  For example, I came across an Asian based milkshake bar a couple of weeks ago that has unique Asian based favors such as the chendol milkshake. This is something most milkshake doesn’t offer so this particular shop sticks in my mind. You need to do the same for your cold pressed juice bar.


#5: Get a solid commercial cold press juicer

For those in the know, the taste and texture you get from a commercial juicer is very different from a normal blender or fruit mixer. A solid commercial juicer has the right mix of pulp and liquid which will taste fine and fresh.  You have to drink it to know the difference between the two. Rest assure that you customers can taste the difference. If you need help selecting which commercial cold press juicer to buy,  you can read our cold press juicer reviews.


#6:  Develop a solid food flow process

Have you ever wonder why some restaurants can serve food in a flash while others seems to take a bloody long time? The key lies in the food flow process. Efficient kitchen has a clear flow that dictates how each item on the menu is cooked. It is almost like a factory flow where the ingredient goes through a proper flow so that everything is fast and efficient. If you don’t have this flow in place, be prepared to face impatient customer who will get tired of waiting for their drinks.


#7: Have a systematic supply line

Similar to your food flow, you also need a solid supply chain for everything in your bar including ingredients, napkins, utensils etc. Have a regular ordering schedule so that your bar never runs out of essential staff.


#8: Maintenance schedule

Your cold press juicer bar should be keep clean and orderly for a more comfortable experience. The toilets should be cleaned regularly as well.  To ensure everything is in tip top shape, you will need a cleaning and maintenance schedule that you adhere to. Without this, your juicer bar will turn sloppy very easily.

#9:  Be more social online

This point is related to marketing point in #2. One way to do this is to share more stuff online on popular websites. For example, you can share picture of your cold press juices on pinterest or facebook. Just take great pictures and I am sure it will get some attention. You can also participate in food blogs to get some of these food bloggers to start talking about you. You can even a few of them down to your bar for a free tasting of the unique recipes mentioned in #4.

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