Lifespring press juicer review – cheapest and offers good quality juicing

Lifespring press juicer is another high quality cold press juicer that you can consider. It comes very close to Angel cold press juicer in terms of quality and has some features that are in fact better. Let’s go through what are some of its pros and cons, relative to my favorite cold press juicer.

Summary: Lifesping is the lowest priced cold press juicer in the market. Despite the attractive price, its extraction rate is good and is very easy to clean and maintain. Relative to high end juicers, it must not have the best extraction rate but is more than sufficient for home use. Highly recommended!

Lifespring press juicer review


Unlike Angle cold press juicer, lifespring is a single gear juicer. It means there is only one gear that grinds the ingredients and extracts the juice. As such, it will never have the precision of the a twin gear machine like Angel cold press juicer. However, the latter is typically used in commercial settings and is not required for homeuse.

When viewing the pros and cons below, do bear in mind I am comparing between a high end machine and one that is supposed to be used in normal homes.



Price: One of the best reason to buy Lifespring relative to Angel is the price. There is about a $1,000 difference between the two. If you are budget conscious then Lifespring would be a great alternative as it is the cheapest among all the cold press juicers.

Continuous juicing:  The Lifespring juicer is able to eject all the left over pulp as it juices. Hence, there is no need for you to stop your process just to clean out the blockage.

Easy to clean:  All you need to do is to pour water into the Lifespring juicer while it is running and the appliance will be cleaned. Relative to this process, Angel cold press juicer needs a few more steps.

 Noise level: Lifespring is slightly quieter than Angel. It is not big difference when you can tell if you listen closely enough.

 Works well with fruits: For some reasons, Lifespring handles fruits much better than Angel juicer. It might be the way the internal gear is designed but you can tell that it does not struggle at all with fruits, relative to Angel.



Build quality: Angel uses high quality stainless steel as the main material for its body. In contrast, Lifespring uses plastic covers. You pay for what you get and this is definitely one such area when you can see high angle commands a higher premium.

Extraction rate: Angel can extract 65% more juice relative to Lifespring due to its twin gear system. Again, this is something that a juicing bar might be concerned with to reduce wastage but it shouldn’t be a major matter for home use as the volume of juicing is much smaller in homes.

Do not make butters: Some juicers can be used to make seed and nut butters. Not this machine. It is not a big deal but one you should be aware of.


Overall, I would say if you are buying a cold press juicer for home, Lifespring is definitely a value for money choice. Its build quality and extraction rate cannot be compared to high end commercial juicers such as Angel juicer. However it has other redeeming qualities such as a low price, ease of cleaning and a continuous juicing feature that will make it a breeze to use.

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