Juicepro cold press juicer VS Bella nutripro cold press juicer

While buying juicers you might get confused because most of them aren’t cheap. Various factors should be kept in mind to buy your perfect juicer. First and foremost, whether you want to store your juice is important because some juicers preserve the freshness and quality longer than others do. It is important to clean your juicer immediately after use, especially if it has many parts, to avoid them from getting stained or sticky. Juicers vary with the amount of juice they can produce as well as its quality and they vary with the ease of use. So, let’s take a look at two popular juicers as follows-

Juicepro cold press juicer VS bella nutripro cold press juicer

The Juicer Cold Press weighs 5.2 kilos and is normally found in red colour. Due to its stylish look, it looks perfect in a contemporary kitchen. This juicer has a low speed technology so that it can help maintain and retain the essential vitamins, enzymes and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you use to make your choice of juice. The Juicer juicer also removes excess pulp from the juice that is not wanted. To control the amount of pulp you wish to retain in the juice, two strainers, one being course and the other fine, are provided to control the amount of pulp required by your taste buds. Its maximum power is 150W and factors of safety have been kept in mind to prevent any unwanted accidents from occurring. Being energy efficient, this juicer has a warranty period of one year.

On the other hand, the Bella Nutripro Cold Press juicer which weighs 6.9 kilos is bladeless. It separates the pulp to enjoy more juice and less foam. Though it is easy to assemble the parts of the juicer, it is difficult to clean by hand and would be easier to clean by a dishwasher. Being more expensive, this juicer has a warranty period of five years. Besides being provided with an instruction manual- a four day juice infusion plan, fifty recipe booklet and an easy juicing colour wheel are also provided. The juice from this product stays fresh longer and two 50 ounce plastic jars are provided to catch and store the juice and the other for obtaining the pulp.

Juicing helps in enhancing your health by giving you your day’s basic fruits and vegetables. By knowing what you are eating, you are obtaining a natural balanced diet and nutritious calories from juice that actually turns out to be tasty.

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