Hurom 400 cold press juicer review – Is it worth your money?

In my quest to find the best press juicer, I am looking into all available cold press juicers currently on the market. Right now, angle cold press juicer is at the top of my list but let’s see if the oscar hurom 400 or commonly known as the hu 400 can offer some competition.  This is a new model from oscar, who is well known for making good quality juicers in Australia and New Zealand.

Hurom 400 cold press juicer review


Pros of Hurom 400 cold press juicer

For this latest model from Oscar, it has a couple of really outstanding features when compared to the its previous increrations. Below are the ones that I feel more strongly about.

  • More powerful motor: The Hurom 400 has a motor that is suppose to be 8 times more powerful than its predecessor.  I can’t tell whether it is really 8 or 6 times but the juicing definitely feels more smoother and faster. The extraction rate is also higher than what the previous models can do.
  •  Less pulp than blender: There is definitely less pulp in the drink when compared to a typical blender. Although it is not as fine as what commercial cold press juicers can do, it is still makes for a nice drink on a hot summer.
  • Better handle of ingredients: Due to the better motor mentioned above, this model can handle the more difficult ingredients such wheat grass.


Cons of Hurom 400 cold press juicer

Despite its strong entry, the Hurom 400 still has certain weakness.  At least according to my testing.

  • Can’t handle green veggies well: I don’t know if it is the mechanics or other reasons but this appliance struggles with green vegetables. I try it with spinach and the result wasn’t as good as wheat grass.
  • Not as easy to clean: The new design has some nooks and crannies which can take you a while to cleanse them. The larger surface area also meant more pulp is left behind when you take the juice out.


Where can I buy the Hurom 400 cold press juicer

If you are residing in Australia or New Zealand, you can probably find them in major departmental stores or you can order directly from their country specific websites. For those living in United States or other European countries, your best bet is to buy from Amazon to save on shipping cost.


Is it better than Angel?

Pound for pound, I would say Angle cold press juicer is still a better machine. The built itself (using stainless steel) is already much better, not to mention that amount of pulp being left behind. However, for home use, the Hurom 400 is a sufficiently good appliance that can give you lots of juicing happiness. I would recommend it as a purchase for home use.

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