How is Kempo press juicer? An honest review

Kempo can be considered one of the higher end range of cold press juicers. It is not the Ferrari of cold press but it is a pretty solid machine to buy.   It is one of the twin gear juicer that wouldn’t cost you more than $700. Nevertheless, is the quality as good as the rest of the juicers I have reviewed here? Is this the most affordable twin gear cold press juicer you should buy? Read on to find out more.

kempo pres juicer

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Similar to Angel press juicer, Kempo uses a twin gear system which has higher precision and extraction relative to single gear juicers such as Lifespring and Lexsun. Despite this, its pricing is surprising similar to the single gear models, with just $100 to $150 on top of what you would pay.



Easier to use: Even though it is a twin gear system, it is as easy as use as the Lexsun single gear system.  There isn’t much to figure out so it is basically brain dead easy.

Easy to clean: For all its twin gear system, it is super easy to clean. The pulp is ejected out of the machine during the extraction process such that you do not need to remove such lumps of pulp after the juicing.  All you need to do is to wash it under running water and it will be all clean up.  See the image below to see how the pulp is being removed during juicing.

kempo pres juicer 2




Build quality: Kempo gear system is comprise stainless steel so it is quite durable. However, its exterior is not made of the same material so the overall build quality isn’t as good as Angel but is better than LifeSpring and Lexsun.

Extraction rate: It is on par with Lifespring which is suprising as it is a twin gear system, relative to Lifespring’s single gear.  Relative to Angel, it is about 50% less so there is a significance.

Slower speed: I did a time test for angel and Kempo and found that it perform slower than angel.  It wasn’t a very big difference but it was noticeable.


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