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In this section, you will find reviews on the all the current cold press juicer models. I have done extensively research on most of them and have even try a couple myself. Instead of throwing all these information away, I thought it will be more useful to write them here in case anyone is looking for a place to see all the different reviews.

For cold press juicers, there are some general guideline you want to use in your selection criteria:

1. Quality of juice: you want a cold press juicer that that retain as much nutrient value as possible. This means little to no heat should be generated during the extraction process so that the nutrients are retained. Most blenders do not do this as they genrate lots of heating during the blending process.

2. Amount of juice extracted: You also want a press juicer that gives you lots of juice by being able to really squeeze that juice out. One way to tell is to see how dry the pulp is. The drier it is, the better the juicer is in juice extraction

3. Ease of cleaning: If a cold press juicer is hard to clean, it will put you off in using it, which reduces the whole process of buying one in the first place.

4. Amount of pulp in the juice: Some cold press juicers can leave a lot of pulp in the drink, which some folks might not prefer. Look out for this when doing your purchase.

5. Quality of materials: Stainless steel cold press juicers are the best in term of cleaning and hyigene, which is why most commercial cold press juicers are made of this material. However, stainless steel juicer also costs more so you have to weigh the pros and cons.

6. Need to change screens: Some cold press juicers require you to change screen when juicing different type of fruits or vegetables. This kind be cumbersome especially if you intend to experiment a lot.