Breville vs Omega slow juicer

Two of the most popular brands in juicing is Omega and Breville.  Given the recent trend in cold press juicing, both brands have  came out with their version of cold press juicers. You can check out the Omega list in my article on the best omega slow juicers for 2015.

For those who are thinking about Omega vs Breville masticating juicer, I have done a comparison chart below to help you see what are the difference between the 2 brands. At the end of the day, both slow juicing machines have received plenty of positive reviews on Amazon so you can’t go wrong with either or. The only difference lies in what you want to juice. For leafy green lovers, the Omega slow juicer is better suited while for fruit juice lovers, the Breville will be faster and more ideal.

Omega Slow Juicer
Breville Slow Juicer



best cold press juicer 2015 4

Omega 900 slow juicer

breville slow juicer 2015

Breville slow juicer

Reviews best cold press juicer 2015 review 4 breville slow juicer reviews

Juicing for leafy

Yes Not as much as Omega

Juicing for fruits

Not as efficient as Breville Yes

Juice Quality

High  More fomay

Chute Size

 Bigger than 8006  Bigger than Omega


 Larger  Smaller


 15 years 5 years


2-3 minutes 5-6 minutes


Juice quality and amount

With the comparison table, it is easy to see what is the difference between an Omega 900 and the Breville slow juicer . The most important comparison has to the quality of the juice and its extraction rate. Ideally, we want a slowing juicing machine that can give us the cleanest juicer with the minimal wastage. In this regards, which slow juicer perform better: Omega or Breville? The answer was close but Omega came out on top.

The Breville slow juicer created a lot of foam in the juicing so it taste more like a whipped juice. More importantly, the foam is actually a sign of air entering into the drink, which is reduce its taste as well as nutrient levels. This also means the amount juices you can get from an Omega slow juicer is much higher than a Breville slow juicer. Based on the above, I will say the Omega 900 slow juicer wins on juice quality.


Best for what type of ingredients

Now, we come to what kind of ingredients are best suited for the Omega vs Breville masticating juicer. The Omega slow juicer has a slight edge when it comes to juicing leafy greens as it is able to extract more juices. The Breville struggles with the greens as it simply chunks the vegatables into the pulp bin. For fruit lovers, Breville is a better choice. Not only can it extract more juices but its bigger chute makes it easier to work with as well. For folks who like to make fruit juices, the Breville is a better choice.



In terms of cleaning, the Omega 900 wins hands down and that is due to its smaller screen size.  The Breville slow juicer screen size is double that of a Omega so that will take you more time to clean.  In addition, notice the spout size on the Breville? It is small compared to the Omega, which means you need a small toothbrush to clean the spout interior for pulp clearing. This can be a rather time wasting endeavor for those who have done it before. Overall, Omega 900 will probably take you 2-3 minutes to clean while the Breville might require 5-6 minutes.



In terms of overall speed of making the juices, Breville has the edge as it can take in bigger chunks of the ingredients as well as having a faster extraction process.  The Omega 900 has improved its chute size from the J8006 series but is a bit smaller than the Breville version.



Other notable difference is the footprint. The Omega slow juicers in general will take up more space on your counter top due to their horizontal designs. The Breville slow juicer, on the other hand, will take roughly the same space as a typical blender as it has a vertical design.

Warranty wise, the Omega 900 came up on tops with its amazing 15 years warranty. No other cold press juicer in the market is offering that kind of warranty period. The Breville? Only 5 years.



Overall, if you want a fruit juice drinker who likes to spend less time preparing the ingredients, the Breville slow juicer will be ideal. Other than that, the Omega slow juicer is the better juicing machine based on all other factors such as juice quality, ease of cleaning, length of warranty etc.

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