Best upright slow juicer to save storage space

While I generally recommend Omega slow juicer as the best slow juicer for 2015, some people might prefer other brands due to its horizontal design. The weakness of such a design is that it takes up a lot of precious storage space in your kitchen.  Hence, for those with limited kitchen storage, here are the top rated vertical slow juicers for 2015 that you can consider for your purchase. Each one of the upright slow juicers has very strong reviews and can produce cold press juice really well.


Upright slow juicer comparison chart

Based on my blog writing experience, a comparison chart is always the easiest to use when it comes to knowing about how different vertical slow juicers fare against each other. So, let’s start with this. The reviews of each of the model is below the comparison chart.

Vegetables Ease of Cleaning

Preparation Time

Winner: Hurom HG Elite


hurom vertical slow juicer 4.5 stars Yes 10 minutes Minimal

Breville Fountain

breville slow juicer 2015 4 stars Yes 15 minutes Needs to cut hard ingredients into smaller chunks

Kuvings 940 Slow jucier

Kuvings slow juicer 4 stars Yes 10 minutes Needs to cut ingredients into smaller pieces


#1: Hurom vertical slow juicer

hurom vertical slow juicer

I have reviewed the Hurom 400 cold press juicer before but this is a more premium model with better features and extraction capability.  In my previous review, I mention that the Hurom 400 was struggling with vegetables, especially spinach. This new Hurom HG elite model finally overcome this issue and has managed to produce great amounts of juice from vegetables and leafy greens.

Besides better vegetable extraction, another improvement made to the Hurom upright slow juicer is the ease of cleaning. With its latest slow squeezing technology, you can now take apart the juicer into 5 smaller parts that are very easy to clean. Simply rinse under water with soap and you are all done. The previous model needs a bit of effort to clean, especially the small nooks.

In terms of noise level, the Hurom HG elite is as quiet as its predecessor.  You can be making juices in the early morning or late at night and nobody will complain about its noise.

Its only downside is that the Hurom HG doesn’t do the soft fruits like tomato too well. It tends to extract less juice from them when you compare to the harder fruits such as apples, pears, carrots etc.

One particular thing to note is the model number. There are 2 very similar models currently available. The one pictured above is the HG elite. Its twin is called HH elite. The only difference between the two is the larger foot print of the HH model as well as its non matte finish.


#2: Breville vertical slow juicer

breville slow juicer 2015

Another brand that produces high quality upright slow juicer is the Breville Fountain crash.  It works well enough to be in my top 5 cold press juicers for 2015 but how does it compare to the Hurom HG elite. Two words: slightly worse.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a high quality slow juicer machine. It produces juices from a number of vegetables and fruits with a good extraction rate. So, who do I rate it lower than the HB elite? Here are the reasons:

  • Longer preparation time for ingredients: The Breville Fountain doesn’t do hard vegetables such as carrots well unless you slice it down to finer strips. Same for vegetables with long stalks such as the celery. In general, anything too big or long needs to be cut into much smaller sizes.
  • Cleaning: It takes more effort to clean up this juicer, especially the white gear inside the juicing bowl. In fact, the white gear needs to be clean well for the whole juicer to work smoothly.
  • Pulp: Every slow juicer will leave pulp but the breville leaves a bit too much for my liking. This is a personal thingy so for someone who likes to drink pulp, the Breville fountain may well be a much better machine.

Hence, when you talk about Breville vs Hurom vertical slow juicer, the latter comes out slightly on top for me.


#3: Kuvings vertical slow jucier review

Kuvings slow juicer

Kuvings 94 is another good looking upright slow juicer that has garnered an impressive 4 star ratings on Amazon. Similar to the Breville fountain, it is a good appliance that wouldn’t make any person regret their purchase. However, if we look into the details, then it is clear why I still prefer the Hurom to the Kuvings slow juicer.

One of its main issue is that it tends to clog more often the Hurom. You can easily remove the clogs by reversing the engine but is still a hassle to do it often. I don’t know what is the exact reason for the clog but it may be due to the way the machine grabs the ingredients. For the Hurom, it pulls the ingredients in rather than you forcing it down so maybe that explains why the Hurom doesn’t clog then often.

Cleaning wise, it is easier to clean relative to the Breville fountain. In fact, I would say the cleaning is very close to the Hurom so there is practically no difference between the two.

In terms of yield rate, the Kuvings can’t do as much as Omega or the Hurom. Again, this is probably due to its design and is something that I can’t explain why in detail.



If you looking for upright slow juicers in 2015, any of the three will make a nice choice. If you are really particular, I will recommend Hurom although it is the most expensive as well. For the budget conscious, you might want to consider either the Breville fountain or the Kuvings 94.

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