Best omega slow juicer for the money in 2015

Let our sales data tell you what is the best omega slow juicer in 2015 that is worth your money. The benefit of owning a cold press juicer blog is that I know what my readers and visitors are buying. The most popular  article in 2015 was this one which I compare the best 2015 cold press juicers. From the list of slow or cold press juicers on that article, guess which brand sold the most? No surprises there. It was the Omega slow juicer, J8006 model.

That got me thinking whether is this really the best Omega slow juicer in 2015. It could be that I have missed out on highlighting other models, thus resulting in a data bias. To make a better comparison, I decided to write a more detailed Omega slow juicer comparison to see which model really is the best Omega juicer for greens, wheatgrass and other kinds of cold press juices.


Summary: Omega masticating juicer comparison chart

As usual, here is a Omega slow juicer comparison chart to let you easily see everything in one glance. I have left out the Omega J8003 and J8004. Read the section later on J8006 vs J8005 to understand why.

Gears  Feed Chute

Adjustable Pulp Control

Winner: Omega 900 slow juicer

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best cold press juicer 2015 4 best cold press juicer 2015 review 4 Twin Larger Yes

Omega J8006 masticating juicer

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best cold press juicer 2015 1 best cold press juicer 2015 review 1 Single  Regular No

Omega J8005 masticating juicer

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Omega J8005 masticating juicer Omega J8005 slow juicer review Single  Regular No


Omega J8006 vs 900

To start of, let’s go with 2 of the models that regular readers will be familiar: the Omega J8006 single gear juicer and the newer Omega 900 twin gear juicer.  I have reviewed these before and you can read about them by clicking on the link in the first paragraph. Basically, they are solid performers with very little to pick on. They can cold press vegetables, wheat grass and other kind of healthy ingredients you have in mind without any problems. Most customers who bought said they used them everyday to make delicious and healthy juices for the family. Cleaning up for both systems is also a piece of cake.

However, there are differences between the models:

  • Gear system: Omega J8006 and 900 uses different  gear system.  Specifically, the J8006 is the traditional single gear while the latest 900 is the twin gear. If you like to know more about how gears affect the performance of a cold press juicer, read my article on the difference single and twin gear juicer.  In summary however, the 900 will give you more juice due to the twin gear.
  • Feed chute sizes: The Omega 900 has a bigger feed chute, which translates to less time spent on cutting and other food preparation. Specifically, the 900’s feed chute is about 1.5 times larger. See the image below. The one of the right belongs to the 900.

Omega J8006 vs 900 - Feed chute


  • Adjustable pulp control: Another bigger difference is the pulp control. The J8006 doesn’t have it while the NC900 allows you to have a dial  from 1 to 5 that controls the back pressure. With it, you will be able to extract more juices from ingredients that have hard fiber materials that benefits from the back pressure. Examples of such ingredients will include your leafy vegatables, carrots, wheatgrass etc.
  • Size difference: The NC900 is noticeably larger and so you will need more storage space. See the picture below to get a sense of how much larger the 900 model is, compared to the J8006.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.36.15 am


To conclude the comparison between the Omega J8006 and the NC900, I will recommend the latter because it is a more powerful machine that gives you more yield on your juicing. This is due to the twin gear system as well as the adjustable pulp control. However, it is more expensive and takes a bigger space on your counter.
omega 900 cold press juicer

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Omega J8006 vs J8005

Next, we move on to a tricky comparison between the Omega J8006 vs J8005. Going by the model number, you know that the J8006 is the successor to the J8005 but it is not always the case that the latest model is the best. Just look at iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4 :)

First, let us look at the confusing model naming system. It goes something like this

  • J8003 white, regular
  • J8004 white, ultem
  • J8005 chrome, regular
  • J8006 chrome, ultem

Basically, there are 2 traits that separate the 4 models:

  • Color: white vs chrome plating
  • Types of auger: Regular vs Ultem

So, in reality, J8003 = J8005 and J8004=J8006 except the color difference.

The real difference comes down to the auger and that is the main comparison between the Omega J8006 vs J8005. Here is what regular vs ultem auger means

  • Affects length of warranty: Ultem auger has a longer warranty which means you will get a longer warranty if you buy the J8006 version. Specifically, the Omega J8006 has about 15 years of warranty while the J8005 has 10 years.
  • Strength: The ultem auger has about 7-8 times more strength than the regular version so J8006 has basically a more powerful juicing capability

Hence, if we want to compare apples to apples, the J8006 is more powerful machine with a longer warranty. Not to mention the chrome plating makes it look much nicer than the white one.



To conclude this comparison on Omega slow juicers, the best model for 2015 will be the NC900. It has more power and functions than the J8000 series which gives you better yield on your juicers, especially on the greens and other vegetables.  However, it costs about USD70 more. If you are on a budget, then the J8006 will be the second best choice.

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