Best cold pressed juicers for 2014

Cold press juicers have been around for decades but it is during the last ten years that it gain popularity, especially among the health conscious. Compared to Centrifugal juicers, cold press juicers are a number of advantages including retaining more nutrients, easy cleaning, low noise level as well as being able to process leafy greens. The only downside to cold pressed juicers is their prices, which are usually much higher than centrifugal juicers.

cold press juicers comparison

Since you will be spending a big chunk of money, why not take the time to see which models can be considered the best cold press juicers for 2014. The information you see below is compiled as at the date of this article. There might be better models in the months to come but for now, these represent the best in their class.

Here are the main factors used in evaluating these cold press juicers.

Extraction rate: Refers to the fruit/vegetables to liquid ratio. The higher the rate, the more liquid is being extracted and less wastage occurs.

Extraction speed: Refers to the time needed for the press juicer to extract the juice

Ease of use: Refers to how easy it is to assemble the machine and to actually use it

Ease of cleaning: Refers to how easy is it to dismantle and clean the juicers

Noise level: Refers to how much noise is being produced when the juicer is on

Pulp in juice: Refers to how much pulp is present in the juice being extracted. Some folks do not like to have pulp in their drinks so this factor can be an important one.

Gears: Refers to the number of gears the press juicer has. Single gear press juicers can extract lower volumes of liquid but are cheaper to repair. Twin gear press juicers gives you a better extraction rate at the higher replacement expense if your gear breaks down.


Kempo Cold press juicer – KP1304 Lifespring press juicer – LS8000
LexSun Cold press juicer -DO9001 Angel Cold press juicer – AC5500

Extraction rate

Very Good High High Best

Extraction speed

Moderate Fastest Moderate Fast

Ease of use

Very easy Very easy Very easy Relatively easy

Ease of cleaning

Very easy Easiest Very easy Relatively easy

Noise level

Very quiet Very quiet Low level of noise Very quiet

Pulp in juice

Minimal Some Minimal Minimal


Twin Single Single Twin


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