Best cold press smoothies maker review

Juicing and make smoothies are two of the biggest health beverage trends in the past couple of years. While juicing is definitely the newer trend, there are folks who like to consumer both. In these cases, they might want to consider juicers that can do both slow juicing as well as making smoothies. One such machine that can do this is the Krups cold press smoothie maker. Let’s take a closer look at what are the pros and cons of buying this machine.


Slow juicer and smoothie maker review

There are not many slow juicers in the market that can do both juicing and smoothie making. The omega slow juicers, for example, can’t handle the smoothie making part.  This is why I am recommending the Kurps slow juicer and smoothie maker machine.

cold press smoothie maker reviewOne of the thing that stands out when you first look at the machine is its design.  It looks really elegant and wouldn’t be an eyesore if you leave it on the kitchen counter top as a permanent fixture. This is because the design was done in France so there is a bit of French design sensibility at play here.

This difference in design is not only skin deep as they affect how you use the juicer as well. For one, there is an interesting juicing screw that allows you to assemble and dissemble with a turning of the screw. This is both a plus and minus. The screw makes it easier to put things together but it also has a hollow area that allows juices or parts of the fruits to go into it, which causes wastage as well as cleaning problems.

In terms of juice extraction, it can achieve around 75 yo 80% , which is pretty decent. Of course, it will not be good as a pure slow juicer but it makes up for that through its ability to make smoothies. Viewed from that angel, the extraction rate is something that I find to be acceptable since you don’t have to buy 2 different machines for 2 different beverage types.

There is also the dual screens that come with the slow juicer. One filter is for vegetables while the other is for fruits. Their difference lies in the pore sizes which affect how much finely the ingredients are being ‘filtered’ out.

Cleaning wise, it is easy to take out the parts but the downside is there are more parts to clean than other juicers. Overall, it might take you a whole 5-6 minutes if you want to do a good cleaning job. One reason for this is because the juicing screw can trap some of the juices and you need to deliberate clean that part or the machine might get clogged eventually.

Another downside is its small feed chute. You will need cut the ingredients into smaller pieces if you don’t want your slow juicer to be jammed. I guess that is the price you pay for having a cold press smoothie maker with such a small footprint. Everything needs to be compact and small.

Finally, assembling instructions can be better improved as there are no clear markets on how each parts fits into the next. It is not rocket science and you will be able to figure out after trying a few pieces. However, it will be nice if the company improves on its instruction manual to make it more user friendly.

Overall, it is one of the best slow juicer for the money that has a smoothie making ability. If you don’t need that, perhaps you should takes a look at my 2015 best cold press juicers recommendations.


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