Best cold press juicers for 2015

One of the most popular article I wrote last year was the one the compares 5 models to see which is the best cold press juicers for 2014. Consider this as the sequel as I look back at the models that were being compared to last night as well as any new ones that might pop into the market. I used Amazon’s reviews to be the basis for the comparison as I feel that is the best objective to determine which is the top rated cold press juicer for 2015.



For those who are lazy or time strapped to read the post, here is a summary table that compared the models and their amazon reviews. If you want a comparison chart, check out this cold press juicer comparison chart that I have created last year.


Omega cold press juicer

 best cold press juicer 2015 1 best cold press juicer 2015 review 1 Single

Ange cold press juicer

best cold press juicer 2015 2 best cold press juicer 2015 review 2 Twin

Breville cold press juicer

 best cold press juicer 2015 3 best cold press juicer 2015 review 3 Single

Omega 900 juicer

best cold press juicer 2015 4 best cold press juicer 2015 review 4  Twin


Omega cold press juicer

omega cold press juicer

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One of the best model to emerge last year. Combined a low price point with a solid performance, especially at juicing vegetables and you have a product that has pleased thousands of customers. Specifically, nearly 2000 customers have left positive reviews for this product, far more than any other cold press juicers in the market today.


Angel cold press juicer

angel cold press juicer

Angel juicer had a high review score but the number of customers reviewing it is on the low side, probably due to the its high cost. As mentioned in my Angel cold press juicer review, this bad boy is no joke when it comes to performance. As such, it is probably better as a a commercial cold press juicer, rather than for home use. Did I mention it has a selling tag of over $1k? :)


Breville BJS600XL cold press juicer

Breville BJS600XL  cold press juicer

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They called it the slow juicer but it mean the same thing. Breville has many models of juicers so take care to buy the right one if you are looking for their cold press version. I did not cover this model last year but after looking at the reviews, I realise this is a top rated cold press juicer for 2015 that should be on your radar.

(Updated: check out my comparison on Omega 900 vs Breville slow juicer)


Omega 900 cold press juicer

omega 900 cold press juicer

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This is the twin gear juicer for Omega and is the latest in its line of slow juicers.  Don’t let the 70+ reviews fool you as this is relatively new product compared to the rest and has already strong reviews on Amazon. If you are going for a cold press twin gear juicer for the money, the Omega 900 should be within your consideration.

Besides the twin gear, the Omega 900 features a bigger chute, which allows you to insert larger vegetables or fruits without cutting them into fine pieces.  From juices to nut butter, this appliance is able to handle with efficiency and effectiveness.

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4 Responses

  1. John Truong says:

    Hi I’m just wondering how you would rate the Omega 900 vs Angel? I’m trying to decide between the two of them and would like a second opinions. Which would you choose and why? Assuming it is for commercial purpose

  2. katherine says:

    I live in Singapore and we cannot buy the Omega brand here. Do you have any other models/ brands you can recommend? I know the Omega was designed and created by a Korean compan, hence I would think their Korean product would be just as good? Thanks

    • ColdDude says:

      Hi Katherine,

      In that case, you might want to try out hurom slow juicer if it is available in Singapore.

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