Bella nutriPro cold press juicer review – Save your time and buy angel press juicer

Bella has been a trusted brand in kitchen appliances. It has produced a number of famous household appliances over the years and I was expecting the same with their nutripro cold press juicer. Their low price of less than $200 was already an attractive offer over the competition which normally would cost 2 to 4 times more. Atlas, the low price comes with a price and makes using the cold press juicer an unpleasant experience. Read on to know why you should save your money and buy something else instead.

nutripro cold press juicer review

The frustration of using nutripro cold press juicer

I bought my nutrio from Aamzon. The shipping cost and the packaging was no problem so I was happy with that. On the same day that the package arrived, I tried to use it immediately and that is where the problem starts.

Juice extraction time was long: I took a much long time to have a cup of juice, relatively to a normal blender. The quality was of course higher with a cold press juicer but the time taken was far too long.

Clean up was a big pain: This is where the real problem is. The clean up was tough because there was so many parts that had to removed if you want them to be cleaned properly. You can’t use a dishwasher on some of the parts so that takes up an even longer time. If I want to juice regularly, the clean up process will definitely put me off using this juicer.

Difficulty with harder ingredients: The juicer was doing ok with fruits. However, when it comes to harder veg such as carrots, the problem surface. At times, the juicer would literally stopped and I had to dig out the half pressed carrot to try again.

Too much pulp: Due to the inability to juice harder ingredients properly, the pulp had some really hard carrot leftovers. It is definitely not pleasant to be able to drink that.


After a couple of tries, I decided to return the machine as it was simply too much hassle to clean up and the juicing part was horrible. If you really want a solid cold press juicer that extracts high quality juice, I suggest you go with angel cold press juicer. The price might be high and the quality is worth it.  You can also check out my other cold press juicer reviews to see other options.

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