Angel cold press juicer review – the Ferrari of cold press juicers

Let me say this up front. The angel cold press juicer is like the Ferrari of cold press juicers. It is powerful and gets the job done quickly and quietly. Just like Ferrari, it is also not the cheapest juicer you can buy in the market. In fact, I would say this is a premium product, one that is best purchased by folks who are  serious about their juicing. If you are a beginner, or just want something that delivers a normal experience, try other brands such as Lexsun or Kempo.


angel cold press juicer

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Benefits if you buy Angel cold press juicer

Highest extraction:  Due to the way the twin gears work in an angel cold pressed juicer, it can maximism the juice from almost any kind of  vegetables.  All you need to be convinced is to look at the pulp after the extracting has been done. It is practically dried as all available juice has been pressed out.

Higher quality juice:  You can tell the quality by the taste and the color of the mixture. The juice had some slight pulp but was smooth overall. The color was deeper when compared to the juices being extracted by other cold press juicers.

Quiet operation: For those who don’t want to wake their neighbours everything they want to juice something, you will be glad to know that the angle cold press juicer has a very quiet operation so you barely heard anything if you are outside the kitchen.

Save time on screen changing: Most juice blenders require you to switch between different screen for different types of fruits or vegetables. The angel cold press juicer removes this by hassle by having a 3 in 1 screen that will can work for all all types of ingredients, from wheat grass to leafy greens to fruits.

Suitable for commercial use: The angel cold press juicer is made of stainless steel which is more durable and hygienic compared to juicers with plastic components. This is why the angel juicer can in fact be used as a commercial cold press juicer as the built quality is THAT good.


Disadvantages if you buy Angel cold press juicer

Struggles with frozen fruit: Even with its powerful twin gears, the angel cold pressed juicer can’t do frozen fruits well. It is much better with vegetables, herbs and wheat grass, as it was designed to focus on these rather than the bulky fruit shapes. You need to cut your fruits into small pieces if you want the angel cold press to do its magic.

Longer cleaning time: The Angel juicer requires a longer cleaning time, especially on the screen area. I would give it about 15 minutes if you want it to be super clean. For the average user, you probably need around 5 minutes for the clean up.

Expensive: I have mentioned this earlier but this machine is for the juice purist.  The angel machine will indeed give you the best quality juice but you have to pay the higher price to get it.



Get this if you want a quality juicer maker that gives you the best extraction and nutrients for your juices. It is a quality product and deserves the premium prices it commands.

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