5 Best cold press juice in New York City

According to Google search data, cold press juice is really popular in New York and California.  I know most of you are probably too lazy to do the cold pressing yourself so I am going to round up a couple of really great places where you can buy cold press juicers right from the bars, cafes, restaurants and even online stores.


#1: Liquiteria

best cold press juice in new york city 1

Liquiteria does the juice pressing for you and delivers it right to your doorstep. It is convenient and a great way to have your juicing fix.  This outlet strictly uses the cold press juicers for their juicing so the nutrients are not lost through the heat that is generated by normal blenders.


#2: Juicepress.com

best cold press juice in new york city 2

Juicepress is branded as the future of juice bar as it focuses on the whole healthy experience, rather than just the selling of juices. All the juices sold through either their physical stores or online website are 100% cold pressed.  You can find a list of their locations here.


#3: Tiny Empire

best cold press juice in new york city 3

Tiny Empire is located at 142 N 6th St New York, NY 11249. It also has an online store for you to purchase their cold press juices. Supporters of this establishments have said the juices are really delicious although they are rather expensive for these type of drinks.

#4: Juicy Lucy Juice Bar

best cold press juice in new york city 4

This cold press juice bar is a rather tiny shack located at 1st Ave at 1st St, New York, NY 10009, East Village. Its main attraction is the healthy cold press juice that cost less than $5 per bottle. It is cheap compared to the rest but you can’t order online. If you are living near this place, check out their cold pressed juices.


#5: Heartbeet Juicery

best cold press juice in new york city 5Located in 85 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002m this little cozy place have received of positive reviews on their delicious cold press juices.  The favors are especially interesting and is well worth a trip as they don’t delivered online.

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